The Sporting Dog
     for fun or competition

Want to learn to do more than walk with your dog?
The Sporting Dog training is geared towards anyone who desires to get involved in dog sports with their canine friend.
Perfect for those who may want to become competitors and work towards titles, as well as those who just want to have fun teaching new games which will keep their dog's brain challenged and constructively busy!

Sporting Dog training can also be an excellent choice for owners whose dogs who have emotional challenges with the world. You can train in the security of your own back yard while providing valuable mental stimulation and physical exercise for your environmentally challenged dog

Sniffer Dog     learn how to teach your dog to search for and locate specific odors such as essential oils or antlers.
Tracking/Trailing   all dogs have the capability for following human odor - you don't have to have a Bloodhound to play this game !
Rally Obedience   take your basic obedience  to the next level while improving your teamwork skills.
Treibball   enjoy the fun of herding, but using exercise balls instead of ducks or sheep


want to learn how to get this level of enthusiastic WOW! into your training?

austin treibball copy.jpg

looking to learn something different?

From tracking to treibball, obedience to scent work - there is a whole world of fun games to get involved in with your dog!
For backyard fun as well as those who desire excellent in the competition ring.
Training not only the skills but building the enthusiasm and joy of training.

PRdogs at work 013.jpg

odor drift over time

blanch track.jpg

Cyber Rally 2013 Level 1 run

This is a 5 month old puppy independently working a high source of odor - amazing changes of behavior as well as dedication in hunting.

Experience your dog in a whole new way.

Whether just for fun or a desire to show off your teamwork to the world, sports training for your dog is a real winner.
Engage the mind, exercise the body while building new skills and a deeper appreciation for that special dog in your life