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The Green K9NW Dog; Target odor acquisition, development & maintenance with Amy Herot

November 3, 2018
9:00am - 5:00pm
Good Sports Dog Training
Hudson, MA

This is a non-working seminar (no dogs).

The Green K9NW Dog – Target Odor Acquisition, Development and Maintenance
An NACSW authorized seminar
with NACSW™ Co-Founder, Amy Herot, CPDT-KA

This seminar focuses on the training and development of green dogs (a year or older) from the dog’s introduction to a target odor through solving complex odor problems. The odor ready dog will be an easy and fast transition if you lay the right groundwork. Introduction to odor has many variations and most critical is understanding of the learning conditions, history and environmental impact for that dog.

As the sport of K9 Nose Work has gained in popularity, many ideas, methods, and processes are being shared. Amy will review the developmental benchmarks that would be the standard for a green dog and various processes for working dogs on odor and how to help assess the best training plan for you and your dog. Knowing your dog and being realistic about their abilities will have an effect on their success in learning.

This seminar features dogs that are one year or older and follows some of the dogs featured in The Young K9NW Dog. There will be some highlights for those just getting started in K9NW or considerations for very young dogs. The primary emphasis however will be geared towards behaviorally mature dogs that are getting started on odor and how to cultivate their drive for odor and their continued development to work complex odor problems. Amy will also cover handling and proper management of target odor, expanding the odor repertoire, troubleshooting and fundamentals about odor obedience and importance.

Whether you have your new dog, will be getting one in the future, want to better understand your current dog on odor, or are a K9 Nose Work teacher, this seminar will provide insights and lots of practical information.

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