the shared experience

 Dogs have become integral parts of our daily lives - they share our living spaces, travel with us and accompany us in many daily activities.

Do you find that you are frustrated by your dog's choice of how to handle life's interactions? 

I can help both you and your dog reach a better understanding through  management and effective communication in training which is family-friendly and fun at the same time.

Reinforcement training is much more than simply 'treats' - it is about understanding how learning happens, and providing clear information to your dog in the moment.


for every dog!

The Family Dog is designed for the dogs in our lives.

Looking for
* basic or advanced obedience concepts
* better Come when called
* help to prevent nuisance behaviors
* multi-dog household management
* better on leash walking
and much more

learn a variety of skills & tactics for walking in crowded areas with a calmer dog

Oh to work with a digger!

learning is all about building the right emotional association first!This is the enthusiasm you want to see with your dog coming to you

not sure what you need? Family Dog training is very flexible in content - hurrah!

What are you looking for?       Better household manners? Building more pleasant walking experiences?  Wish your dog would not impulsively dive towards every bit of rubbish ?   Family Dog training sessions are designed for you, your goals, but above all, for your dog. Learn how to successfully teach your dog and discover a whole new world of communication without nagging or force-based training methods. Call or email today to get started right away.

* Individual training sessions
looking for a bit of guidance rather than a longer term commitment. Educational services also!

* Basic training series 
(5)   1 hr  training sessions   

* Intermediate & Advanced training series
for those interested in going beyond a initial training series for more in depth work for greater reliability .

Want to Build Better Behavior? these are training programs centered around specific topics. We'll also be working on concepts and alternate behaviors which support the main theme of training.

Run to Me!
A  training program to build a better come when called. 
* (5)  1 hour training sessions     * whistle

Let's Go!
A training program centered around better leash walking skills - will also include impulse control games
*(5) 1 hour training sessions   

* Building Impulse Control
Does your dog compulsively grab things off of counters, dive for every bit of trash or yank you forwards to go greet other dogs or people?
Welcome to the self-rewarding world of the Impulsive Dog.  Learn how to train your dog to voluntarily choose to behave differently without using collar pops or electronic shock.
* (5) 1 hour training sessions    * training & management plan for your dog



Best friends. Forever. 
....but dogs do what works. Does it work for you? 

Dogs share some of the most important moments in our lives. They are there for us through good time and bad.
But they are dogs and sometimes their choice of how to behave in the moment creates conflict for us.
Learn how to set your dog up to make decisions which match with your idea of Good Dog behavior through management and reinforcement training.