socialization adventure with a young puppy:

SmartStart Puppy Training :for the very young puppy aged 8-16 weeks of age, I'll guide you through how to provide key socialization adventures which will help build your puppy's emotional library of experiences.  Puppies are sponges for learning! Setting up the right learning environment is important as well as understanding how to introduce your puppy to basics in training .
Did you know that these important foundational topics of impulse control, emotional self-control and frustration are often overlooked?
While a tired dog can be easier to live with, puppies have special physical and mental requirements. I’ll help you learn how to build a balanced puppy focusing on mental enrichment through learning and training as well as age appropriate play activities!

New Beginnings: for  newly adopted dogs (within the first 3 weeks of coming home), together we'll create a learning experience which will help your new dog adjust to his or her new world. I'll show you how to present training which will promote confidence and the desire to explore new interactions with you and the world.
Does your new dog actually understand what you are asking? Let's set up training so that both you & your dog are communicating clearly thus creating understanding.

Building trust with a recently adopted shelter dog.
Owner Concerns: avoidance when trying to attach leash to collar


proactive teaching before attacking slippers becomes a daily sport. Teach your puppy before her behaviors are a problem for you..

 My new dog is....
* a puppy aged 8-16 weeks
* a recently adopted dog

Let's get off to a great start !

If you just have questions or are wondering how to teach, a few individual sessions may be the answer.

Or if you are for more structured learning sessions,  multi-week training packages are available.

learn how to
* inspire confidence
* build trust
* communicate clearly
* teach skills and impulse control
* manage your dog's learning experiences for easier training
* begin teaching basic manners

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Get off to the Right start.  Say Yes! to good choices.

Your new dog is constantly learning about how to make the world work for him or her. You can prevent a great deal of unwanted behavior with early management and training. Don't wait until a small issue becomes a major problem. Contact me today to learn how to set your puppy or new adopted dog up for success!