Specialty training

* Behavior Modification 
* Owner Education for Behavioral Issues

Dogs do not have bad behavior. They choose how to behave based upon their understanding of how to get results. Now. The Right  Behavior to get the Desired Results .
It is not about labeling a behavior as 'good' or 'bad', but recognizing that the behavior you see, results from the dog responding emotionally & physically to an event. 

Behavioral modification is about changing how your dog emotionally feels, thus physically responds to the world around him or her.

Are you  frustrated or concerned about how your dog is behaving?
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Behavior modification / training for
* fear based reactions
* inter-household canine/ other companion animal relationships
* house training for dogs older than 6 months
* resource guarding
* separation issues
* acceptance of handling
* conditioning for wearing a muzzle

Behavioral training specialty
* working & living with a fearful or over-excited dog




your best choice for reinforcement based behavior modification training on Martha's Vineyard


 It's just Behavior :
understanding your dog's behavior

* Are you concerned about how your dog is behaving towards people, other dogs or life in general?
* Does your dog growl when you attempt to take something away?
* You want to teach your dog to accept wearing a muzzle
* not sure how to build confidence in a fearful dog?

It's just Behavior is a learning session so you can better understand why your dog behaves and how  behavior can be changed.

Ain't Misbehaving

*Need help with house training issues? 
*how to teach your dog to accept you administering eye drops
* need muzzle training?
* handling issues?
Ain't Misbehaving is for those who want a short term series of training sessions.

Choose a Better Way :
training specifically designed for you and your fearful or reactive dog

Choose a Better Way is a minimum 5 week training program that is individually tailored to your dog's needs. You'll learn  how to work with your dog as well how to prevent your dog from practicing undesired behavior.

Choose a Better Way is for dogs who have space issues with the world. Typically these are dogs who growl, bark or lunge towards a person or another dog when they feel their space is threatened.
Aggression is normal behavior, but it can be used out of context to the situation.

behavior modification training package
what's included:
* 90 minute consultation without your dog present
* training guideline for changing your dog's behavior
* understanding how to set realistic goals
* management strategies and recommendations

* 4 working sessions with you & your dog
* 60 minutes of phone support
* email support for 1 year               




Behavior works.  How the dog responds is, in the dog's mind, the best behavior for the moment.

This doesn't however mean that we consider the behavior desirable, or even safe.  Behavior modification is not a quick fix, as the goal is to change how the dog feels about the event, before we can even begin to work to teach an alternate way to behave.  If you are concerned about how your dog is responding, early intervention is important.
Behavior is about successful results.